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Simply Superb: The Scone Shack

We spent an hour soaking up the sun, enjoying every morsel and petting every animal that came past.


Simply Superb: The Scone Shack

Winding your way along Plateau Road towards or from Cape Point you’d never know that another, much smaller country escape was patiently waiting for you to arrive. That is what stumbling upon The Scone Shack feels like.

Situated on the stunningly rustic Lalaphanzi Farm, the charming shack surrounded by succulents and a variety of farm animals beckons you in. An assortment of outdoor seating means that groups large and small can enjoy the occasion - and an occasion it is thanks to their divine treats!

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The Menu:

The homemade scones are baked fresh daily in a wood-fired oven and you can order two for R60. They’re soft on the inside, crisp on the outside with a slight and comforting woodsy taste. The scones are served with homemade jam, cream and soft butter. On the day that I visited, the jam was a deliciously sweet apple and plum concoction. I washed my scones down with a fantastic filter coffee while my friend enjoyed a wonderful homemade fruity chai ice tea that she claimed to be the “best thing ever”.

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Apart from the scones, they also serve a few desserts like chocolate cake, carrot cake, Cape brandy pudding and pecan pie. They also serve milkshakes, hot chocolate and chai lattes. Their homemade jam, as well as honey, is available for purchase so you can take home a little piece of the farm and treat yourself to something delicious on the regular.

The Venue:

“Fairy-land like,” “charming,” and “wonderfully whimsical” are all the ways we used to describe the enchanting, and kid-friendly, Lalaphanzi Farm as we took our seat in one of the quieter nooks. The farm is nestled between looming rocky hills and a forest of trees in the near distance. Countless succulents can be found around the farm as well as a lovely lake with a couple of canoes bobbing on the surface.

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We had passed no less than five different types of - mostly - farm animals on our way from the car park, past the shack and the “Do not feed any dessert to the animals” sign, to our table. We watched, completely captivated and delighted, chickens and pure-white ducks pecking at the crumbs around a low table a few metres away. All the tables are spaced apart and the seating is made out of an assortment of what looks to be second-hand outdoor furniture. With some amusement, we noted that the low tables came with a swat to chase away the birds who we were told like to take chances - something we witnessed for ourselves!

We spent an hour soaking up the hot winter sun, enjoying every morsel and petting every animal that came past. And despite being busy, the soft babble of chatter faded away, replaced by the clucking chickens, the small barks of piglets and ducks chirping.

Important Information

R60 for two scones served with jam, cream and butter

R25 for plunger coffee

R20 for ice tea

Wednesday – Sunday, 9.30am – 5pm

Good to know
Cash or EFT only and no pets allowed.

Please note
The Scone Shack will be closed from the 26th July to the 1st October for their winter break.

079 045 1318,

Where to find it
Lalaphanzi Farm, Plateau Road, Cape Point, Cape Town