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Ka Pa Tée: Cape Town's Dedicated Tea Bar Moves Online

The ritual of tea – brewing, pouring, drinking and enjoying.


Ka Pa Tée: Cape Town's Dedicated Tea Bar Moves Online

What probably began in the Yunnan region of China during the Shang Dynasty is now a much loved daily ritual performed by a large portion of the world’s population. The ritual of tea – brewing, pouring, drinking and enjoying. So when a dedicated organic tea bar opened in the heart of the Mother City, we just had to check it out.

How it all began

Bruno Rabaca and his British tea-drinking partner in life, crime and now business, Diana Lerato George, decided to open this speciality tea bar in response to Diana’s lifelong habit of collecting teas from wherever she travelled, and bringing them home with her. The more they explored the teas, the more they fell in love with the shrub, the beverage, its history and its health benefits. Soon they had enough passion to share, and went about opening the perfect little tea shop in the heart of the city.

Tea and sympathy

Their tea bar was simply yet effectively decorated with bamboo plants adding to the zen-like atmosphere in this serene space. There was even an impressive tea wall, where you could sniff out which teas you’d like to try. They have since sadly closed their little tea bar but you can still find all their teas online.

All the teas – from the Ayurvedic Vetwala and herbal teas to Lapsang souchong (an exotic smoked-wood beverage!) are organic and sourced only from the best – and most ethical – tea farms around the world. (We’re told Bruno’s Matcha is the best in Cape Town.)

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First Published on The Inside Guide (December 2017)