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Hazendal's Kleine Hazen Putting Park: Fun for the Whole Family

We arrived on a hot Sunday morning, ready to swing into action and enjoy a fun-filled 30th birthday celebration.


Hazendal's Kleine Hazen Putting Park: Fun for the Whole Family

Hazendal Wine Estate is fast becoming the estate that has it all. The family-friendly estate offers something for everyone from their Pivnushka beer garden and Russian tea ceremony to their Babushka picnics and their part-education-part-play centre, Wonderdal. They even have a a golf course and fun putting park where friends and families can get together for an afternoon of par-ing match.

Hazendal's Kleine Hazen Putting Park

The setting

Nestled between the golf course and the parking lot, Kleine Hazen Putting Park is a green wonderland filled with bunny-shaped hedges and sculptures. The 27-hole putting course is divided into three categories: expert, tricky and fun. Each has a 9-hole course allowing you to progress through each category for a full day of fun no matter what your skill level is.

Opposite the putt putt course dappled shaded lawns invite you to relax and enjoy some snacks and refreshments in between rounds. Along with the putting course, there's also a safe children’s play area that include giant chess, and jungle gym. There are two kiosks where tasty treats can be purchased and restrooms ensuring an uninterrupted family-friendly outing.

Putt putt parties

Planning a bachelor or bachelorette party? How about a kids part (or adult one for that matter)? Looking for a team building activity or a chilled day out with friends that won't break the bank? Kleine Hazen Putting Park has you covered. For parties and events of any kind, they have a private celebration area with covered seating, tables and bunches. They also have bespoke party menus and catering options for you to choose from.

The experience

We arrived on a hot Sunday morning, ready to swing into action and enjoy a fun-filled 30th birthday celebration. We were quickly shown our designated party corner where a delectable arrangements of cakes awaited, along with still and sparking water in ice buckets and plenty of serviettes. All the equipment we needed to get started from putters and golf balls to a scoring card were ready and waiting for us. So once everyone had arrived, we dived right in, ready for our hole-in-ones.

We decided on the fun category, cheering each other on as we took turns hitting the ball and occasionally getting par. No amount of online Golf with Friends prepared me for the experience and while I managed to hold my own, I definitely wasn't in the top 5 (we were a group of 15). After over an hour of putting fun, and deceptively tricky holes - just because it's fun, doesn't mean its any easier - we retired to our table for some refreshments.

Along with crisps and choccies, the kiosk also sells hot dogs, small pizzas and a few other treats. There is a restaurant and deli at the estate and a food truck if the kiosk's menu doesn't take your fancy. I settled on a small margarita pizza made slightly deluxe with grated hard cheese on top and fried onion on the base. It was tasty but you're definitely paying for convenience. After snacks were had, another round of wholesome fun ensued.

We were left to our own devices but had friendly help whenever it was needed, making it an outing I'd repeat in a heartbeat.

Important Information

R260 per family of four (2 kids and 2 adults)
R80 per adult
R60 per kid (between the ages of 3 and 12)
R30 per person not playing but wishing to observe
Free for toddlers (under the age of 3)

Tuesday – Saturday, 7.30am – 6pm (last booking at 5pm)
Sunday, 7.30am – 5pm (gates close at 5pm)

Please note

Heed my warning, wear sunscreen! A few us returned home slightly crisper (and redder) than we arrived.

021 903 5034,
Bookings are essential (within 24 hours)

Where to find it
Hazendal Wine Estate, Bottelary Road, Stellenbosch